Monday, November 27, 2006

Season's Greetings

It's been awhile. I haven't had much to say and on top of that I have been not in the cheeriest of moods. In the spirit of last week's Thanksgiving, I should be grateful for all that I have. But let me tell you this. . .there was not turkey. No cranberries. No, not in a country that doesn't have turkey or cranberries. In fact, the word for turkey in Chinese is "big chicken." I think the turkey is being misrepresented. . . Furthermore, there was no stuffing or gravy. I did get my hands on a sweet potato though. They sell them for 25 cents on the street during the winter months. I guess I should be grateful for that. My Thanksgiving dinner consisted of a plate full of sushi and also some raw squid (given to us as a free appetizer. . .hello, not appetizing) at a local Japanese restaurant. I have to hand it to one of my co-workers. He was more clever. He went to an Indian restuarant for his Thanksgiving meal.
There isn't much sign of Christmas in Beijing yet. I'll give you all the annoying details once there is. The Chinese don't know how to "do" the holiday season. They have some mutant strain of a holiday that hardly resembles the Christmas I know. Granted, Christmas in America has it's own issues. I personally can't bring myself to step into a mall after Thanksgiving. And I'm almost willing to listen to Linda Ronstad (the only cassette tape I own, one I listened to religiously as a little girl) in my car to avoid the Christmas songs on the radio. Now, what I wouldn't give to hear "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer" or "Feliz Navidad." I miss the sugar buzz of cookies and chocolates. There's no Christmas trees seen through windows. No department store fist fights over the hottest toys of the season. So next time you are about to scream while scanning that radio dial, think of me.

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