Monday, January 15, 2007

just an ordinary day

Left: alley way next to my house
Right: my little class at Richland School

It's been awhile...but there hasn't been that much interesting happening to me. The most exciting thing that's happened to me in the past week is that I discovered Doritos at the local 7/11. While I'm not the biggest fan of them (I believe I ODed on them in the 8th grade due to too many late night sleepover munchies), I've found myself missing them. They have recently made their arrival in China. Now if they only had Cherry Coke.

The other reason I haven't wrote is because I've been feeling lazy. The semester is winding down (only 5 more weeks!!!) and after doing this for five months I'm ready for a vacation. And I'm coming home to take my vacation. . .Monday, February 19th! Before it comes to an end, I'll let you in on what my days are like here. Yesterday, for example:

6:01am Wake up. Don't know what time it is. Wish I wasn't half blind or at least have a night stand with a clock.

6:20am Finish getting ready. Leave the house.

6:22am Outside, it's dark as night. The moon is still out. This is seriously too early to be up. Street vendors are preparing breakfast foods. . .egg sandwiches, spring rolls, soy milk. There's a few people out and about and a some taxis cruise down the road.

6:24am Arrive at the bus stop. There's not too many other people there. Freezing my butt off. Praying the bus will come soon and that it won't be crowded.

6:30am Bus comes, it doesn't look too crowded. I still make a point to be the first on the bus to get the best seat available. If this involves a little pushing and shoving, so be it.

7:00am The sun makes things a little less da

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