Friday, January 01, 2010

A Resolution

Someone recently asked me if I keep a journal of my time spent in China; I do not.

When I first arrived here, nearly five years ago, I almost daily wrote of my adventures. I filled four or five notebooks describing my fascination with the traffic, the line-jumpers, the spitting, the haggling, and numerable other thoughts or incidents. As time has passed, however, the strange and unusual has become mundane. For the past year, other than a few trips here and there, my life has settled into a comfortable routine. I have very little to write about that hasn't been said before. Some people assume I'm living a life full of excitement and intrigue, while others claim I am living one endless vacation, the truth of the matter is that my life is generally just as boring as the next guy's and though at times unconventional does include work and other responsibilities.

All that is going to change soon though, as I'm gearing up for the biggest trip of my life and a long visit to the States. The tickets have been booked since August and tonight will mark the start of my journey. I am sad. I am excited. I am nervous. I am slightly guilt-ridden. I'm leaving behind my Chinese family for three and half months in a somewhat selfish attempt to visit American friends and family for weeks on end topped off with an indulgent seven week trip through India and Burma.

I haven't made a New Year's Resolution since I was in grade school, but this year I'm going to make one and make one that's realistic (not to deter any of you who have vowed to exercise more or quit smoking). Here is my New Year's Resolution: To document this trip, which may be my last epic adventure for awhile, at least twice a week. This may be a challenge as the States doesn't provide me with the same caliber of blogging material I can usually uncover in China. Expect a blog describing my love affair with Qdoba Mexican Grill or my amazement at being able to put toilet paper in the toilet again.

I once read a comment somewhere that a good blogger can find a way to make the ordinary interesting--let the next several weeks be a test of my writing ability.

Oh, and one more thing, Happy New Year!

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