Thursday, May 08, 2014

Week Three

Ming and me with William (three weeks old)
My one month sentence is nearly over, with roughly another week to go. For the past week, my jailers (Ming and his mom) agreed to let me out on good behavior. I am allowed an afternoon walk each day, weather permitting. I am thankful for this small bit of freedom, the chance to feel normal again. Of course, my breaking confinement have caused a variety of reactions. The elderly neighbor ladies, upon seeing me outside today, questioned if my month was already up. I nodded guiltily, knowing that admitting the truth would lead to an endless string of reproaches and tsk-tsking. Yesterday, Ms. Feng, one of my student's mothers spotted me outside.

"What are you doing out here?! Your one month isn't up yet!" she scolded.

I shrugged, "But I'm a foreigner," I protested weakly.

"That doesn't matter! This is no good, no good. You should be at home in bed! And look at your jacket!" she zipped my jacket up to my nose, despite the 70 degree weather.

Ming, bless his heart, quickly came to my defense.

"Did you know, overseas, people don't practice the one month confinement? Even many overseas Chinese! Yep, a day or two after birth women are out and about again."

Ms. Feng shock her head with a look of disapproval. Oh, well. I'm becoming quite used to people's disapproval.

In eight days it won't much matter anymore; William will be one month old. Time is passing in a blur that I don't know if I would classify as either fast or slow. Each day seems to run into the next with the constant cycle of pumping milk, feeding milk, and (praying for) sleep. In the two weeks that have passed since my last post, there have been a lot of highs and lows. Perhaps the sweetest moment is when William smiles while winking at me. He can't do a lot of fun stuff yet, but each day he seems to add another cute trick to his repertoire. I'll post some pictures to prove. . . .



Marta said...

I can't believe you zuo'ed yuezi and survived! It sounds awful, haha.

Your baby is beautiful! Congratulations! :)

rosieinbj said...

Thanks Marta. Btw, my m-I-l claims I didn't actually zuo yuezi, though I feel like I gave it a good attempt!