Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Interview on the Love Blender

Chengde, 2014

I follow several blogs, most of them by women who live and date in Asia. One of my favorites is The Love Blender which is written by an Italian woman, Marghini, who is an interior designer (and it shows, her blog is very pleasing to the eye!) who has lived as an expat in a number of country. Marghini's blog chronicles her life and experiences abroad, as well as dating cross-culturally. Recently, she is featuring a series on expat women and asked me to partake in an interview. You can check it out here!

Do you follow many blogs? Which one is your favorite?


Betty has a Panda said...

Great and informative interview. I really like your advice in the end.

I just started my blog recently and am also reading AMWF blogs recently too. This might be due to my ignorance that I only found out about the online AMWF community.
I really like to read your blog of course, Nicki Chen, When West Dates East, Speaking of China, TLB and most of all Crazy Chinese Family because I can really identify with Timo and his life.
I have never been the person to write many comments on what I have read and I only started to do so now. Hopefully you do not think it is just blabla.

Looking forward to read more from you soon!

rosieinbj said...

Thanks Betty!

I really like all the blogs you mentioned, too. I would recommend China Elevator Stories (the writer is from Austria and her husband is Chinese) and Sara Jaaksola's blog Living a Dream in China (she's Finnish and her husband is from China). Oh, but there are others too. . . Ruby Ronin and Marta Lives in China. . . Diaries of a Yangxifu. Too many!