Sunday, September 27, 2015

Check out my piece on China Daily

William, 100 days

China Daily recently asked me to write a post describing how I fell in love with a Chinese man and the challenges I have faced being in a cross-cultural relationship. I ended up writing about the struggles I've had raising a baby as an American living in China. You can check out the article on their website here. They are doing a series of opinion pieces on foreigners who fall in love with local Chinese. Jocelyn from Speaking of China wrote a great piece recently as well, in which she reveals how she never expected to marry a Chinese man. You can find her piece here.

What is one of the biggest struggles you've had in a relationship? Were you able to overcome it? How?


Autumn said...

Congrats on your piece! And on surviving pregnancy in China. Did you get a pass on any ridiculous superstitions because you were a Western woman?

rosieinbj said...

Hi Autumn, yeah, I did get some passes on stuff. I didn't really adhere to postpartum confinement, although I still did a lot of things I wouldn't consider normal just to appease my husband and mother-in-law. I ate all my food and drank all my beverages warm for the first month. I didn't take a shower for at least a week, but I had had surgery so I guess that's acceptable. I didn't take the baby out and didn't go out a lot myself.

Sarah said...

I love this picture of William, what a sweetie

Anonymous said...

more the picture of the baby, he is so cute :)))))