Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas is canceled

from WeChat (微信)

Ming sent me this cute little blurb on WeChat, outlining some of the challenges Santa has to face entering China. I'm not sure whether it makes most Chinese want to laugh or cry, but I couldn't help but chuckle. It's definitely a new spin on The Night Before Christmas. Below, in both Chinese and my English translation:


Entering Chinese territory from Denmark, Santa encountered smog mid-route thus causing an inability to see the road clearly. He crashed and until now, no one has dared help him up. In the snow, lies his bag of presents, which has been looted empty of gifts. His [reindeer] have been taken away by city inspectors (chengguan) and his sleigh, which was unlicensed, has been seized by traffic police. This year, Christmas is canceled; please spread the word!

In such few words, this sad tale cleverly illustrates a variety of problems in China, such as:
  1. Theft and looting  
  2. Police brutality and incompetence 

'Tis the season to grumble about life in the PRC! My next post will be slightly more cheerful but still on the topic of Christmas. I'm hosting my annual Christmas party on Sunday and I'll be sure to post some pictures.

What are your plans for the holiday?


Jocelyn said...

That's a cute little thing Ming sent you!

Gosh, our plans for the holidays are really simple. We're going out for a vegan dinner Christmas eve and then we'll stroll around parts of the West Lake. The following day we'll have coffee and breakfast at Starbucks and then visit a pagoda. I'm hoping it'll be a nice Christmas.

rosieinbj said...

@Jocelyn, that sounds really nice and quite romantic! Hope you and John enjoy the holidays!